Artist Spotlight

“Beauty in art is an impression of truth bathed in an impression received from nature.”

~ Camille Corot


Southern Landscapes are the specialty of this award winning southern artist. Her impressionistic style captures the beauty and atmosphere of our surrounding area, Historic Beaufort, South Carolina. 


A classically trained painter, Sheila is attracted to our waterways, fauna, and wildlife. Her beautiful execution of color and light is timeless. 

What artist has most impressed you during your career and why?

I must say that I would not be as far along in my career if I had not studied with some of the top impressionist painters like Bill Davidson, Roger Dale Brown and Cindy Baron and Scott Christensen I love their pallet, their evocative subject matter and looseness of painting strokes.

The Master painter that influenced me the most is Claude Monet. His work is atmospheric and also has very loose brush strokes, and that is something that I’m always striving to do ― to have a loose brushstroke to allow the viewer to be able to put more of himself into the painting. Monet’s paintings are like that; the viewer can walk right into it.


How would you describe your painting technique?  Beginning of the execution to the gallery presentation.

Mostly, I’m a tonalist painter, but this year I ramped up the color in my paintings, and I’m really enjoying it. All these beautiful colors just make me happy.

I take thinned paint and linearly sketch out my composition. I then paint with less thinned paint, slowly building up as I go.  Once the painting is to my liking, I put the finishing touches on it. I break the tree branches down and add birds or sailboats. I then varnish the painting.


What would you do if you weren’t an artist?

I wouldn't want to do anything else than paint but if I did do something else, it would be to fall back on my training and former career as a counseling psychologist. Painting is so much more fun!

Clyde Aspevig.jpg

What is your favorite painting by a master painter?  What does it mean to you?

It is difficult to pick just one painting or artist as a favorite. One of the most beautiful paintings I have seen is by Clyde Aspevig.  “High In The Rockies,” hangs in the Booth Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.

We invite you to view and experience the expression of life in an ageless paradise.

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