Artist Spotlight


~ Claude Monet   


Much like a pink spoonbill soaring through the dusky evening twilight, Michelle brings with her a splash of vibrancy, a flutter of unique perspective, and the bewitching song of nature in its truest form.

What is your inspiration?

In Plein Air events, I am often painting a rusty historic fishing boat or trying to capture the essence of the natural habitat, but I became very fascinated and distracted by all of the wildlife that tried to get my attention. I dove deeper and learned the anatomy. This has allowed me to capture the gesture and spirit of the birds. My interest has grown over the years to passionately paint and fall in love with these magnificent angelic birds. 


During COVID, many artists experienced mental blocks.  How did you overcome yours?

It is not often that I have things that distract me from chasing my dreams and passions. When I do stumble on a block, I have found that my family and close artist friends are my saviors! As recent as last year, at the onset of COVID, my best friend knew I needed a jumpstart. She knows me all too well and challenged me to a paint off. She gave me three days to create this piece that she too would paint. I lovingly took the challenge, put on amazing music and was pouring my soul onto the canvas!! I have continued to paint ever since. Coffee with froth does the trick on a daily basis. 


What has been your most meaningful achievement to date?

Accomplishment and success to me, starts at a deep place. I am blessed beyond words to have a 25 year career as an artist. I’ve raised 2 kids and support my family all through creative endeavors with my husband by my side. I am thrilled to have galleries and clients that truly believe and support me and my passion!  Additionally, I have been honored to win awards in composition, quick draws and shows, however I never felt so honored and humbled to have received the peer-judged Artists' Choice Award during the Forgotten Coast en Plein Air event.

We invite you to view and experience the expression of life in an ageless paradise.