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“Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.”


~ Wassily Kandinsky 

Allison receives her inspiration from the region’s landscapes; the Lowcountry’s marshlands particularly capture her eye. This is easy to see in her paintings, which exhibit elegant brushstrokes that play amongst the meeting of water and land.  Through a blend of “reality with imagination,” Chambers combines color and texture in an impasto style to create an abstracted interpretation of life.

In a typical year, I would be working in my studio, taking trips abroad to paint, teaching classes, and participating in shows. This is a busy life that I love. However, with classes, trips, and art openings postponed or canceled, my silver lining in the unexpected windfall of time: An opportunity to refocus and reeducate myself on my medium. As I often tells my students, putting “miles on the canvas” is the best way to grow and evolve. Over the last year, I have put in plenty of miles, and loved every minute of it!

I also believe one the most important things an artist can do is spend time alone in the studio. It has been a gift this last year to have so much time  without distraction and to be able to focus on what I love to do. It allowed me to get into a mode where I repeated motifs or color pallets and experiment with other ideas. For example, I've been experimenting with oil paints on heavy pound watercolor paper. This has been a unique surface on which to explore new ideas and palettes.

I have also been pushing myself to experiment with new ways to paint a motif that’s I've done before. For example, I have hundreds of photos of beautiful buildings in Charleston and Provence. My series “Grand entrances “ has focused on painting just the entrances, the windows, and doors, in bold, loose, impressionistic strokes.

As part of my process, I explore ways to lose and find elements in a painting. I may paint a flower in such a way that it might give you the impression of a flower, and it might not. For me, the delight lies in hearing what other people see when they see the work. I find such joy in hearing a client find beauty in my work!

With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, I have several teaching trips to France planned for 2022 and am looking forward to art walks. I miss interacting with other artists and clients, and I am looking forward to teaching again.  But for now, there's at least a little more downtime to savor.

We invite you to view and experience the expression of life in an ageless paradise.

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