Artist Spotlight

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”
                                                                                      Pablo Picasso

“When we look at a piece of representational art there is never a doubt about whether it came to be as a result of an accident versus being created by an artist. Many times, you can even tell which artist did the painting without looking for a signature. There is a “stylistic” signature in the quality of the work. Its colors, values, drawing and composition speak to the creative sensitivities of the artist that created it."

Neil Walling was born and raised in Southeast Michigan. His interest in drawing led him to the Art Center College of Design for training in 1962. While there, he majored in automotive design and was exposed to a number of outstanding artists.  Graduating in 1966, Neil went to the Chrysler Corporation Design staff, where he continued to hone his artistic skills throughout the 33-year career until retiring in 1999.

Since retirement, he has developed a second career as an artist working primarily “en plein air”.  In the 21 years since he retired, Neil has completed over 1,000 paintings and has entered many plein air events winning won over 40 awards. He has taught over 20 painting workshops and has led groups of artists on several international painting trips. He has also put together several books on painting as well as illustrating two children books written by his daughter, Kimberly Taylor.  He works in both watercolor and oil and enjoys both studio and plein air painting in both mediums.

We invite you to view and experience the expression of life in an ageless paradise.