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Carolyn Jebaily

"To devote yourself to the creation and enjoyment of beauty then, can be a serious business, not always necessarily an escape from reality, but sometimes a necessary means of holding on to the real when everything else is flaking away into rhetoric and plot.” 

~ Elizabeth Gilbert

The Tree Ladies

of Hunting Island


The first “Tree Lady” series was inspired by the iconic Hunting Island “Boneyard,” an extraordinary seascape of arboreal skeletons bleached and weathered by the sea.

Though many of the Boneyard trees are gone (cleared by the state to replenish the beach), their spirit lives on in the “Lost Tree Ladies.”


Each sculpture is a special tree borne from the Boneyard.

As the Sea Islands are threatened by storms and man, my work pays homage to the vanishing beauty of our once wild coastlines.

-Carolyn Jebaily



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