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Leonard Cave

(1944 – 2006)

A most acclaimed artist and educator.  This series of sculpture continued Cave’s concern with the appeal of sculpture that is based within the concepts of solidarity and massiveness.  For many years, he carried out the investigation of form through the traditional materials of wood and stone.  His acrylic sculpture conveys a reality in the world of tangible existence, while carrying concrete form to another level.

“Light Bend”

Acrylic Sculpture with Granite Base

31”T x 241/2”W x 4"D  (Measurements do not include Base)

12”L x 3”T x 9”W  (Base Alone)

“Light Channel”

Acrylic Sculpture with Marble Base

36”T x 20”W x 41/4”D  (Measurements do not include Base)

91/4”L x 51/2”T x 63/4”W  (Base Alone)

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